Why to Join Us

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of visceral function and how it relates to the rest of the organism,
If you are looking to update what you have learnt or feel you are lacking when it comes to applying it in the clinic,
If you want to broaden your knowledge in a specific area,
This programme is for you

We will deal with aspects such as:
– The ways in which a visceral disorder, functional or pathological, can give rise to musculoskeletal or other symptoms.
– Which treatment modalities are the most appropriate according to the type of disorder based on clinical reasoning from a biological and physiological perspective.
– The best research available to understand physiopathology underlying common pathologies such as IBS, endometriosis, hepatic steatosis… in order to assess how we can improve the clinical management of these patients.
– Palpation and perception.
– And many more.

Visceral Osteopathy School Why to Join Us
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